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Under the name of “The Barbershop Experience” is hiding a rare art exhibition about the old traditional barbershops, extreme haircuts and head shaving fetish, and all its related paraphernalia. A 100% male fetish. The fetish  artist Chandalboy is the creative director of this photography exhibition showing the images of his trip to the birthplace of haircut fetish, in deep America´s Southern Indiana, to Kent´s Shorcuts (a house in the middle of nowhere owned by an amateur fetish barber that offers free haircuts to all marine corps recruits of the area) and a trip to old conservative and fascist Texas going to the weird House of Wyatt (another fetish barber offering free head shavings and teenage shearings in his pre-fab wood warehouse). In those places Chandalboy photographed several young haircut models in the chair with different extreme cuts such as flattop, horshoe flattop, recon, clipper shave, burr, or a total clean look with razor shave. In this hair fetish route he followed, he also had the chance to attend the clipper party event of St.Baldrick, a head shaving event to raise money for a cancer cure which has become, for strictly fetish and sexual reasons, a real pilgrimage for all barbershop and shaving fetish lovers, whether male or female. The exhibition also shows pictures of old traditional barbershops of New York, Paris and Madrid, giving special attention to little fetish details such as capes, hair clippers, brushes, scissors, barbershop chairs… and even barbershop scenes of extreme cuts at the bizarre barbershops of Chinatown in N.Y. To complete the selection of these hair fetish pieces of art there are also internet images that anonymous hair fetish lovers have uploaded on the net showing the effect of Gillete Mach 3 on their shiny shorn heads. Images taken on an exhaustive research of the World Wide net including hair fetish pages and private yahoo and msn groups.